Benefit Corporation

B Corporations like Ideaction Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Ideaction Corps became a Certified B Corporation in July 2012, and also became one of the State of Illinois’ first legal Benefit Corporations in January 2013. Learn more about B Corps and Benefit Corps.

B Impact Report

A Certified B Corporation has gone through a rigorous third-party B Impact Assessment that measures a company’s performance in several categories including Workers, Community, Environment, and Governance. View the full report.

In 2013, Ideaction Corps was recognized among 61 high impact companies across 35 industries and 13 countries on the ‘B Corp Best for Communities List’ – a national honor awarded B Corps that improve the quality of life throughout their communities.

Annual Impact Report

As part of legally committing to do good, we publish an annual Impact Report to share with all of our stakeholders. That’s you! Here it is!

Be a B

Businesses with B Corp certification have 30% higher survival rate than U.S. small businesses as a whole. If your company is interested in pursuing certification and or incorporation, Ideaction Corps can help.

Join the B Corp Movement

Join Team B the Change page or donate to rider Kelly O’Brien or Tim Frick.

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