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Partnership Supports Growth of B Corporations in Illinois

Posted by Kelly O'Brien on November 12, 2013

New resource for companies seeking B Corporation certification and/or legal formation

Today Ideaction Corps, a Certified B Corporation and legal Benefit Corporation in Illinois, announced a new partnership with B Revolution, a California-based firm offering services in B Corporation certification and legal formation. Among the first legally recognized Benefit Corporations, Ideaction Corps and B Revolution are members of an 850-plus member community of companies, nonprofits, government institutions, and foundations certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

Since Illinois became the twelfth state to enact Benefit Corporation legislation last year (now there are twenty states, including Delaware) at least 32 (double since January 2013) Illinois businesses have elected to become legal Benefit Corporations and 20 are certified B Corporations based in Illinois. Worldwide there are 859 Certified B Corporations, including companies like Warby Parker and Ben & Jerry's. Certified B Corporation is a certification conferred by the nonprofit B Lab. Benefit Corporation is a legal status administered by the state. 

Ideaction Corps provides comprehensive management consulting and creative services to companies and causes working to make a social impact. Ideaction’s collaborative of accomplished agencies and freelancers offer a broad, deep bench of services, executing large-scale, high-level campaigns to the brass tacks strategy and tools needed to get there. With expertise ranging from strategic planning, public relations, brand development and fundraising to website development, social media and design, Ideaction mobilizes custom “dream teams” in service of implementing projects and supporting organizations that make a difference.  

B Revolution joins Ideaction Corps’ collaborative of more than 30 members to offer B Corp certification, legal entity, and ongoing certification compliance expertise to local and national clients. Founded in 2011 by B Corporation expert Dirk Sampselle, B Revolution recently launched its newest service, ezBcorp, a low-cost, streamlined online resource for businesses and organizations to obtain B Corporation legal formation, certification and sustainable business growth services. A one-stop shop, ezBcorp offers comprehensive and customizable services to small businesses and startups seeking to join the B Corp community, from incorporation, raising capital, certification, marketing and office management.

I’m thrilled about this new opportunity to offer businesses interested in B Corp Certification or legal entity status some help. B Corporation growth in Illinois is far too slow given the relative advantages. But I know first hand that when you are launching or running a business, your time and money are valuable and scarce. We wanted to find a way to make it easier and affordable, and partnering with B Revolution enables us to offer assistance with certification and incorporation as a part of our core service offerings.

“B Revolution is thrilled to be a part of the B Corp movement in Illinois, said B Revolution founder Dirk Sampselle JD, MBA. “B Revolution has structured dozens of businesses for high B Corporation performance, providing legal and business expertise necessary to achieve certification and leverage the certification to create mission-aligned impacts.”  Sampselle served as Drafting Author of B Lab’s 2010 Benefit Corporation White Paper, the legislative memorandum used to facilitate adoption of the benefit corporation legal entity by state legislatures.  

If you are interested in learning more about B Corp certification, legal entity, and ongoing certification compliance expertise, visit or email

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