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Posted by Kelly O'Brien on October 2, 2014

Free Coaching Opportunity for Advancing Professionals

I have to admit that I was a "coach skeptic." Being an executive coach or a life coach seems trendy these days, and I succumed to the perspective that coaching was too wishy-washy, and that I was just too stubborn to really change. But I was wrong. Working with coaches - and now I have many- have helped me become a better leader, a better dater, and a better person. I've actually changed a great deal. And Ideaction Corps has been exponentially assisted by experienced people offering to work with me.  

One of these people is Dale Primer. Dale's company, Primer Michaels is a member of Ideaction Corps. They have been helping senior leaders acheive their goals for nearly 30 years, working with leaders at Fortune 500 companies like Kraft and Motorola, UBS and Pfizer, as well as nonprofit leaders and emerging businesses. He’s an entrepreneur, business owner & leader. So when Dale approached me about offering his services free of charge to advancing professionals at the cusp of their career as he enters the last chapter of his, I was moved.  I am honored to share his gifts with others. 

Dale is offering a unique opportunity you do not want to miss: six months of free coaching.  He is offering to work with advancing professionals for six months without fees. Specifically, Dale is accepting applications from individuals 30-49 years old with income above 50,000 at the manager (or imminent) manager level.  

If you are interested, contact Dale directly. If you know someone who may be interested, please share this information.  

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