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Marking Fifth Anniversary of the Earthquake In Haiti: Progress and Hope

Posted by Kelly O'Brien on January 12, 2015

"Put your foot - wear it makes a difference"

On my trip through South America, I walked A LOT. I put to rest two pairs of flip flops -- but my favorite pair stood the test of time and miles. My sandals from Rebuild Globally never wavered, still look great and are incredibly comfortable. I remember thinking, I really need to send Julie (CEO of REBUILD) a note telling her how awesome these sandals are.

Well, as serendipity would have it, on the last week of my trip, I received an email from her to me asking if IDEACTION CORPS would help them get the word out about their new for-profit social enterprise and their partnership with Kenneth Cole - which launched today on the 5th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.

Deux Mains Designs employs Haitian craftsmen and women to make high-quality sandals from upcycled tires, paying a living wage that has enabled all of Deux Mains employees to move into safe and secure housing, send their children to school without outside aid, and have medical insurance for themselves and their families. Three of the Haitian management staff has ownership in the newly registered Haitian business. The affiliate nonprofit, Rebuild, provides apprenticeship opportunities for vulnerable youth.

Ideaction Corps could not be more proud and more thrilled to work with Julie Colombino and Deux Mains.

On this, the the 5th anniversary of the catastrophic quake that hit ‪#‎Haiti‬, consider purchasing a pair of sandals. You'll get a great pair of shoes. But you will also be directly supporting employment for Haitian artisans, school for their kids, and housing for their families.

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