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Meet the Corps: Jill Pollack, StoryStudio

Posted by Kelly O'Brien on January 25, 2014

Ideaction Corps is a collaborative of accomplished professionals working together for the common good. An inspiring group of people, we thought you might like to meet them. Each week or so we'll profile a Corps member, and chat with them about their perspectives on social and collective impact.


Tell us a little bit about StoryStudio.

StoryStudio Chicago is a writing training center for creative writers and business writers alike. We offer more than 150 classes each year for folks working on novels, short stories, memoirs, blog posts—you name it.

Our Words for Work program creates customized training workshops for companies using our successful storytelling techniques.

Could you tell us a little more about how StoryStudio's Words for Work might help a for-purpose business?

There are so many worthy, important businesses and organizations out there that what distinguishes us is our stories—origin stories, client and customer stories, staff stories, and success stories. Words for Work teaches writers and communicators at all levels how to tell those stories in a compelling way and how to create a sense of urgency moving people to action. 

What inspires you most about collective impact in the consulting space?

It’s always exciting to take on projects that are bigger than you. Working collectively enables that. And while I’m all about providing our clients with excellent products and services, what I like most is working with other consultants and creators, learning new tricks.

What causes are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about everything. That’s my problem! Right now, living in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, I worry a great deal about homelessness. And basic needs like food have always been in the forefront. But I also care a great deal about human rights, equal rights. That means making sure everyone has access to services whether they are gay, straight, from another country, etc 

Why are social impact initiatives important for for-profit companies to embrace? How do you get involved in making our community a little better?

I think social impact initiatives are just important for everyone, at all stages of our lives, personal and professional. If we want to live in a dynamic city, then we have to participate in it’s feed and caring. In Judaism there’s a phrase, Tikun Olam, or “heal the world.” I know I can’t heal the whole world, but I can try and make a different in my small part of it.

Do you have any advice for businesses that are implementing social impact initiatives for companies and individuals?

It’s hard to give advice in this area as every business and every community is different. I’d say get out and talk to people, see what your company’s unique mission is, what its gifts are, and then run some small pilot projects.

It’s important for all of your stakeholders and staff to be engaged in this process. At StoryStudio, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we did a year of StoryStudio Gives Back. Each month we either collected donations for an organization or got out and volunteered around the neighborhood. We had staff and students and friends join us and it was great fun. Plus, we got to see several organizations in action and decide whom we wanted to continue a relationship with.

How has the intersection of business/profit, with social responsibility and purpose changed the way you work with clients?

It hasn’t. In all of my businesses customer service has been the most important imperative.

How do you see the consulting industry changing in the next 5-10 years?

Good consulting will always remain the same: listening and truly understanding what the client needs and delivering it. Full stop.

What will always change is technology. But the relationships we have with clients must be the foundation of any successful project and no matter how much we say we can’t live without email, when it comes to clients, I can’t live without chatting on the phone and getting to know someone.

What did I not ask you that you really want people to know? Life advice? Business tip? Words of wisdom?

Think big. 

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