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Ideaction Corps is a collaborative of accomplished agencies, firms and freelancers with diverse skills and service offerings. We come together because we want to use our talents to build a better world.

Greater Good Studio

Greater Good Studio uses design methods to solve social problems. We believe that research changes design, design changes behavior and behavior changes the world.

Our team has used ethnographic research, brainstorming and rapid prototyping to create innovative solutions for a wide range of issues, including early literacy, clean water, public transportation, youth violence and tenants’ rights. We work with nonprofits, foundations, government and social enterprise as both consultants and educators, and take an asset-based approach to all of our work.

Greater Good Studio’s cofounders are alumni of innovation firms IDEO and IA Collaborative, and they teach social innovation at the Kellogg School of Management, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Institute of Design at IIT.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

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