Work: Case Studies

Magic happens when people come together around a shared purpose and use their passion and talents to make a difference. Also, things get done.

Donors Forum


Ensure Illinois budget process, specifically the Budgeting for Results (BFR) initiative, benefits nonprofit service providers and allows for adequate feedback from organizations it will impact. Strengthen Donors Forum’s positioning with influential government and civic leaders and the media as well as their ability to engage their broad membership in their public policy work.


Translate an existing Donors Forum commissioned study of BFR research as well as findings from a partner survey of Illinois human services contracting systems into policy recommendations to the Governor and Illinois Legislature, build relationships with key influencers, including the media, and activate Donors Forum membership to act around a common agenda.


Governor Quinn unveiled a proposed strategic plan for implementing BFR that includes key Donors Forum recommendations.

“The Ideaction team really helped jump start Donors Forum into public interfacing advocacy work. With their guidance we propelled ourselves to the next level of readiness and engagement. ”

Laurel O'Sullivan, Vice President, Public Policy.