Work: Case Studies

Magic happens when people come together around a shared purpose and use their passion and talents to make a difference. Also, things get done.

Intonation Music Workshop


Intonation Music Workshop is rocking out life-changing programs for kids. But their community funding support is not keeping up with the beat. Our mission: examine their current grant applications and build them a compelling Case for Support they could use to take the show on the road.


Ideaction Corps took a two pronged approach: 1) a half-day storytelling workshop that identified areas where they could strengthen their case, convey compelling stories of impact and identify gaps in the storyline they needed to fill and 2) a focused effort to ground their work in the research that currently exists and fill the gaps in their case with solid evidence that they are making a difference.



We left them with a very strong draft Case for Support that is grounded in the science of what works and the context of what is needed, clearly articulates how they are meeting that need and measuring their impact, and uses engaging real-life stories to explain what they do and why it is so important. Intonation is well positioned to build on their Case and use it to secure new partners and new funding.