Work: Case Studies

Magic happens when people come together around a shared purpose and use their passion and talents to make a difference. Also, things get done.

Presence Health


Align the internal leadership team and the external brand message. Convey the new brand’s positioning in the media.


Presence Health is the output of the merger between Resurrection Health Care and Provena. The merger created new opportunities and new risks. Ideaction Corps worked closely with the new brand’s positioning effort to outline key messages for internal and external audiences. We training the leadership team in this new messaging, and provided media relations support and structure to help Presence Health effectively respond to and engage the press. Additionally, we worked with them to develop a crisis communications plan and a solid process for fielding media requests.


We’ve successfully managed media relations for Presence for more than a year. One example of impact:navigating their announcement that they are selling Presence Our Lady of the Resurrection Hospital on the Northwest Side. The hospital has been struggling financially but there is strong support from local elected officials to keep the hospital open and an activist medical staff that wants to pressure Presence to keep it open as well. We successfully messaged the announcement that Presence is looking for buyers in a way that presented the move as responding to health care trends and not being compatible with the client’s current strategy. At the same time, to respect the community and save jobs, Presence was seeking buyers for whom the hospital made more strategic sense.